Home Improvement Marketing

Home improvement marketing does not have to be an investment of time and money that breaks the bank. By utilizing some sound principles, and being determined to stick with a consistent marketing plan, contractors can see a growth in their business that will last for years.

The first place that most contractors need to start is with their own website. Picture the website as a large commercial fishing vessel. This vessel uses fishing nets to pull in fish. The nets are the different means of advertising. The fish, of course, are the customers.

One net could be a newsletter sent via email. The newsletter could contain seasonal articles about keeping their home in top condition as well as recipes and coupons for different services.

Another net could be a blog. The blog is a place where the contractor can share opinions on changes in the industry or discuss topics that typically receive a lot of questions.

YouTube, DailyMotion and other similar video sites can be a third net. These self directed video sites allows contractors to use one of the best advertising mediums to get their message out to their audience.

Finally, contractors can use old fashioned direct mail and phone calls as their final net. All of these nets use different tactics for communicating with customers. Some of them provide good information while others offer some advice wrapped in a sales pitch. But all of them have links or references to the website. This is where people can fill out a form to be contacted by the contractor or schedule service with a job scheduler that the contractor has installed on the site.

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